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BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Cassandra Hee

Foundation Science to BSc (Hons) Leather Technology

Damilola Oke

Pathway in Engineering

Kadejah Lamptey "My first week at UNIC"

BA (Hons) International Business

Sayyada Master

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Muno Timba

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Runwage Chichuri

Pre-Master’s to MBA

Kavita Parmar

First class BA(Hons) Marketing degree from University of Northampton

Ngoc Nguyen

MA Management (Human Resources)

Victor Agboola

MSc Management (International)

Sayyorakhon Yunusova (Sara)



First year Business to BA (Hons) Business Studies

Muno Timba, Zimbabwe, Foundation Science and Healthcare to BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

My name is Muno and I joined UNIC in September 2017. I am living in the official halls of residence for UNIC, Moulton. Accommodation in general is something every new student wants to know and that is why I have decided to dedicate my student blog to exactly that!

Surviving student accommodation is an adventure that not only builds you and challenges you as a person but teaches you a lot about yourself. It is by no means easy to just adjust to living with entirely new people but you have to remember everyone is in the same boat.

As a student at UNIC the accommodation we live in is in Moulton and is 10 minute bus ride from Park Campus. Moulton village is picturesque and an amazing facility which offers free gym membership for residents. The rooms are en-suite which forces you to be responsible for your own living environment.

Making friends is reasonably easy when you live in student accommodation. This is largely because we are all international students in a new country, this one common denominator bonds us all. To unwind, Moulton College has a place called the Loft which is a chill spot with pool tables and table tennis as well as a TV and a bar that conveniently sells pizza.

As strange as it sounds, nothing is perfect here at Moulton as it never is with any student accommodation but it soon feels like home and it is all about learning to live with those adjustments.

All in all, Moulton accommodation is a good place to live. It allows you to aclimatise to the United Kingdom in a safe, wholesome area and make lots of lifelong friends. Here is how you can apply https://www.unic.navitas.com/moulton-application-form