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Orientation and Enrolment for January starts on 21st January.

Orientation is an exciting time at UNIC. Not only do you become fully enrolled on to your course, it is also a great way to make friends and settle in to Northampton.

What happens during Orientation?

  • You attend registration
  • You enrol on your course with UNIC and the University of Northampton
  • You get set-up on the student portal
  • You register with the doctors
  • You attend social events and make friends

1. You attend registration

Registration covers essential matters relating to your study at UNIC such as facilities available, procedures and support services, as well as the opportunity to undertake a tour of the university and the college. At registration you will be issued with an orientation pack containing your course and UNIC information, booklists and Student Handbook*. Late arrivals who do not attend the registration session must let UNIC Student Services know, so we can arrange for you to attend an alternative session. Please ensure we have your most up-to-date phone number and contact details. Please click here to  contact us.


*You are strongly encouraged to read and familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations in this handbook and how they relate to you as a student at UNIC.

2. You enrol with UNIC and the University of Northampton

There are three stages to enrolment. The first stage is at UNIC, the second is with the University of Northampton where you collect your student ID card and the third is back at UNIC where your profile becomes linked to your course and module information.

What should you bring to enrolment?

  • Passport with Tier 4 visa
  • Biometric Residence Card (BRP) if you have already collected it from the Post Office prior to enrolment.
  • Original Academic and English Qualifications/Certificates as listed on the CAS (e.g. IELTS certificate, school diploma or certificate, references, etc.). These must be originals and photocopies will not be accepted.
  • Proof of UK Address (tenancy agreement/bank statement)
  • Copy of your CAS statement.
  • Two passport size photograph.

Please check your emails constantly about times and enrolment slots. These will be emailed to you by the Student Services Team and outlined in your orientation pack on arrival.

3. You get set-up on the Student Portal

The student portal allows you to view your timetable, communicate with your teachers, receive emails and updates, view course material and submit your work. It is essential you are able to access it as early as possible.

4. You register with the doctors, open a bank account and register with the police.

If you ever fall ill in the UK you need to be registered with a doctor in order to receive the medical treatment you need.UNIC will support you with this during orientation. We have a doctors on campus at the University of Northampton but you will need a letter from UNIC to prove you are a full-time student here. This is the same for opening a bank account and UNIC again can talk you through this during your first few weeks and provide you with a letter in order to book an appointment with your chosen bank. It is not applicable for all students to register with the police. It will be indicated on your travel visa in your passport if this is necessary and if it is again UNIC Student Services will support you in organising that appointment. 

5. You go to social events and make friends

UNIC organise lots of social events including film nights, town centre tours and fairs to allow you to make friends, have some fun and get used to your new surroundings.

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