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First year Business to BA (Hons) Business Studies


Hi my name is Jefferson Moses Tchoungoua Nyamsi, I am 18 years old and I am from Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon. After having finished high school in Cameroon I decided to come in UK to continue my studies. I chose to study at the University of Northampton because it is one of the best universities in UK at providing students lots of opportunities to achieve great studies and most importantly employability after their studies. The institution transforms lives and inspires change. It is the reason I am confident and sure that if I work hard, thanks to the good teaching quality in the University of Northampton, I will achieve my career goals.

I chose to study BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering firstly because I just love the subject. As a child my family always told me that I was interested in creating things and showed creative and imaginative interests. I would love to have the skills to contribute towards the electrical and electronic development of my country and the world if possible by creating electrical gadgets.

I don’t have only one favourite thing about being student at UNIC because there are just too many to choose from. UNIC offers me the opportunity of being independent in my studies; secondly people accept me for who I am and thirdly I feel assured that at UNIC I am working towards my dream career. I have met people from so many different backgrounds and here I feel myself like I have a new life. Everybody at UNIC is nice and caring. They are very welcoming and friendly. They talk to us not only like their students, but like their little brothers and sisters, their friends and sons or daughters and that makes me very happy and comfortable. When I first arrived in UK, I was not confident at all because I didn’t know anyone yet. But when I started my first day at the UNIC, everyone was very caring and happy. UNIC is already like my second family!

I feel very lucky to study on a campus that is as nice and attractive as Park Campus. It is very big, contains lots of beautiful buildings and the scenery is very outstanding. Park campus is a friendly place that permits me to feel as comfortable as I am in my hometown. Northampton is a quieter town than some of the big cities but not short of things to do or see. For me it is a good place to study.

Sometimes I do feel a little bit homesick. I am only 18 and it is not easy to leave alone at this age so far from your family and your friends. But thanks to the UNIC and the welcoming people in UK, I now feel comfortable and I will never forget what UNIC has given me. I am looking forward to achieving my goal here to become an engineer and thank UNIC and the University of Northampton for this life changing opportunity!