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University of Northampton International College

Foundation Pathway in Law and International Relations

If you’re considering a career in law, investigation, criminology or international relations, this is just the pathway for you. The University of Northampton’s facilities are excellent and boast a mock moot room for practice trials as well as top-of-the-range teaching facilities designed to give you the very best learning experience.
There are a selection of work placements and internships available, recent students have undertaken placements with members of parliament, in their constituencies and in parliament itself, as well as with political parties. By choosing the the University of Northampton you will graduate with a distinct set of skills preparing you for success and progression in your chosen field.


Year Stage 1: University Foundation - UNIC Stage 2: First Year Degree – Faculty of Business and Law Stage 3: Second Year Degree - Faculty of Business and Law Stage 4: Third Year Degree - Faculty of Business and Law
2023 £12,100 £13,700  £14,750 £14,750

*Fees quoted are subject to change



Stage 1: Two semesters


Stage 1: January 

Stage 1: University Foundation


Constitutional Law
Contract Law and Tort
Criminal Law
Introduction to the English Legal System
Mass Communication
Business Studies
Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

Law and International Relations degree pathways


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