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BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Cassandra Hee

Foundation Science to BSc (Hons) Leather Technology

Damilola Oke

Pathway in Engineering

Kadejah Lamptey "My first week at UNIC"

BA (Hons) International Business

Sayyada Master

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Muno Timba

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Runwage Chichuri

Pre-Master’s to MBA

Kavita Parmar

First class BA(Hons) Marketing degree from University of Northampton

Ngoc Nguyen

MA Management (Human Resources)

Victor Agboola

MSc Management (International)

Sayyorakhon Yunusova (Sara)



First year Business to BA (Hons) Business Studies


When I first arrived in Northampton it was the first time I had come out of my home country, Pakistan, and so naturally I was really worried about beginning my life in the UK and how I would survive without my family and friends back home. Reassuringly, I found the people of Northampton very polite and formal, I really liked the way I was treated by the UNIC staff and it made me appreciate my decision to choose UNIC and Northampton town for my education. Now I feel that my dream has come true and I also feel really inspired by UNIC because they have encouraged me and supported me from day one.

Initially, I focused on my studies. When the first semester ended, I got a one-month gap in which I made some friends and visited some cities like Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and London. These cities were amazing and I had such fun exploring them in my free-time. Northampton is a really central location and so it is reasonably easy to travel to lots of different cities and places in the UK.

I started my second semester and got much closer to the UNIC staff team and students. After the end of my first year I got four months’ vacation in which I decided to earn some money. First, I started a job at high street store Zara, in which I was dealing customers and this improved my communication skills. I then got a job at Barclaycard as a receptionist where I deal with professional people of different communities. I was lucky as Barclaycard is based in Northampton and working for them helped me to acquire so much experience in such a short space of time. My work experience has been so valuable to my independence here in the UK that I would advise any student to pursue a part-time job if they can fit it alongside their studies.

I have always dreamt about getting a degree from the UK as I know UK universities have a great reputation across the world. I researched about UK universities online. Hence, I found Northampton, one of the best universities for international students in my opinion.

If you are new to UNIC, Northampton is an awesome town and there is lots to do. I meet people of all different communities and different cultures as well as different religions.The way of life in Northampton is nice, because the people of Northampton are nice which makes my life awesome. The transport system in Northampton is up to the mark. Every kind of food is available here. I can find my favourite food everywhere.

I would suggest UNIC and the University of Northampton to an international student because you will feel welcome. In my perspective, Northampton is an international university. The accommodation in Northampton town is inexpensive and convenient. This town is full of enjoyment and festivals. If you are willing to do part time job there are plenty of options and you too can become independent and happy here.