Lecturer Profiles

Jake Hilliard

What do you teach?

Applied Concepts

What do you like most about the subject?

I take great pride in seeing my students' improve their writing skills, which are essential for their future studies and careers.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I like to make my lessons fun and interactive. I also have a strong interest in using technology in my teaching.

Where else have you worked?

Moulton College, Northampton

Your tip for university success:

Work hard, stay positive and enjoy the experience.

Hossein Kalatian

What do you Teach?

Business/ Marketing Strategies and Product Life Cycle

What do you like most about the subject?

The ambitious nature of the students.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I try to use my personal business experiences as much as possible to help students understand that the subject they are studying will directly affect their future. I use range of teaching methods such as; classroom lecture and seminars, group discussion, review of weekly case study supported by a blended learning approach.

Where have you worked/studied previously?

I earned my PgD in Strategic Management and Leadership from City of London College. My areas of research include marketing strategies, foreign direct investment, change management, and strategic management. My PhD research is on the impact of foreign direct investment in economic performance of the UK. My teaching experience includes the business studies and its functions in relation to the different type of the businesses.

Your tip for University success:

Be confident but don’t assume you know it all. There is so much to learn and gain by being a student.

Jacob Clinton

What do you teach?

Foundation Law


LLB (Hons) 1st - University of Hertfordshire; LLM Distinction - Nottingham Trent University

Area of research:

Human Rights - Freedom of Expression with a focus on comedy/satire.

Where have you previously studied/worked?

I am a visiting lecturer at several institutions - Hertfordshire International College and University of Hertfordshire Business School

What do you like most about the subject you teach?

I find it challenging; most students can see the direct application in their other law modules but Constitutional Law is a bit more abstract. Also, as part of the course, I encourage students to apply the information to their own home constitutions - it's always interesting to learn about them.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I like to try to break things up with activities and get the students to teach each other - it's the best way to learn.

What is your tip for university success?

Realise that on a degree you only have three years of opportunity that you will never get again. The time will fly by - you don't just want a degree you want an experience. Throw yourself into extra-curricular activities like Societies, Sports Clubs and Volunteering. Yes, keep on top of your work but enjoy yourself and make friends.
Law especially becomes a lot more fun and understandable when you take part in activities like Mooting and Debating outside of class. Even if you are a law student who likes things outside of law it can still help you develop - for example, I was a presenter on student radio during my degree and I learned so much doing it and it helped improve my presentation skills.