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Victor Agboola



BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Foundation Science to BSc (Hons) Leather Technology

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Pathway in Engineering

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BA (Hons) International Business

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First class BA(Hons) Marketing degree from University of Northampton

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Victor Agboola

MSc Management (International)

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First year Business to BA (Hons) Business Studies

Victor Agboola

My name is Victor Agboola.

I came from Nigeria to the UK to study through Navitas. It was a very easy and straightforward process as they helped ensure I had all documents ready to apply for my visa. They also gave me support once I arrived in the UK.

On getting to University of Northampton, I was impressed with the level of welcome and support I got from the University and particularly my lecturers who understood that I was coming from a different background and culture. They took the time to help me understand the UK Culture by joining the various programmes running within the University for International Students.

Studying away from home can be daunting but the University provided me with a Personal Tutor who was there to support me in every way possible and this made my studies go smoothly. I quickly realised there was a lot of opportunities within the University to stand out from my colleagues after graduating. I started by Volunteering to help out at different events and activities and by the time I got to my second year volunteering was a regular part of my student life.

Northampton is a very welcoming place and diverse with numerous nationalities living here. This further pushed my passion at which I then joined a multicultural society within the Students’ Union and further started my own Society when I found out it was free and I was allowed to start a society.

I also joined 3 different sports team as I realised they were all free at the University of Northampton. I made lots of friends but at the same time gained lots of skills such as negotiation, communication and team work.

I later went on to run in the Elections where I won to become President of the Students’ Union for 2years from 2014 to 2016.

My time at University has been the best of my life. It has equipped me with an academic qualification and employability skills, lifelong friends and cherished memories. I’ve participated in activities and developed as an individual in ways I couldn’t event have imagined before commencing my studies.

I know you will have an equally memorable experience both at UNIC and at the University of Northampton.