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Foundation Pathway in Leather Technology

For those interested in a technological or scientific qualification that will lead to an opportunity to work and travel within a manufacturing industry, the benefits offered by this course are outstanding. With a wave of retirements expected within the next decade, the industry, which is already short of technically skilled staff, is searching for well-trained young executives to support and prepare for these senior positions.
The University of Northampton is the only place in the UK to offer this course and the employability rate has been 100% for the last five years, according to an internal study collated by the Course Director. 
The course is a complete preparation for entry into the leather industry and graduates can work in tanneries and leather chemical companies around the world with an increasing demand for leather skills amongst the top leather-using brands that include companies in the sports, luxury goods, footwear, automotive and fashion sectors.
The four-year pathway is based around a backbone of advanced leather technology and we have three specialisms from which students can choose. These are Leather Science, Marketing and Business.


Year Stage 1: University Foundation - UNIC Stage 2: First Year Degree – Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology Stage 3: Second Year Degree - Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology Stage 4: Third Year Degree - Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology
2023 £12,100 £13,700  £14,750 £14,750

*Fees quoted are subject to change



Stage 1: Two semesters


Stage 1: January

Stage 1: University Foundation


Numerical Techniques
ICT Skills
Interactive Learning Skills and Communication
Introduction to Life Systems 1
Introduction to Life Systems 2
Problem Solving, Creative and Analytical Thinking

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