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Become a student representative for UNIC! What is a Student Representative?

Student Representatives volunteer on behalf of students to represent student views to the College and to transmit information from UNIC to their fellow students.


You will have the opportunity to volunteer at the start of the semester, we require at least two Student Reps from each course group, if more than two volunteer then we will have an election to allow students to choose who they wish to represent them.

Benefits of becoming a Student Representative:

  • Looks great on your CV
  • The training and experience will help develop your transferable skills and make you more employable
  • Make a difference for yourself and fellow students

You will receive a flyer with more information on this in your Welcome Pack when you arrive but if you have any questions now please feel free to contact UNIC Student Services team via email studentservices@unic.northampton.ac.uk


Download leaflet here!