Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

University of Northampton International College

Parent FAQs

Please visit Current Students FAQ and Future Student FAQs for further information based on the status of your son/daughter.


Q: Who should I contact if I’m concerned about my son/daughter who is still in the UK and enrolled at UNIC?

A: Should any current students have any issues please contact the college directly at UNIC.StudentServices@unic.northampton.ac.uk or call +447393 236080.


Q: How are you supporting students who are still in the UK?

A: From 5 pm on Friday 20th March the college moved all of its teaching and support services online, our current students have been accessing their lectures through Zoom links housed on their module pages on Moodle delivered at the same time as timetabled with recordings of each lecture available after the lecture has been delivered. UNIC is providing remote support to students as required and we continue to monitor attendance. The University is also providing a range of advice and support services for students online.


Q: My son/daughter is in University accommodation, will it remain open?

A: Yes, the University of Northampton accommodation will continue to stay open for students unable to return home during this time. The Residential Life Team are doing all they can to make sure the accommodation is as safe as possible during this time. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing with other students they can help you to find suitable private rental properties, but there are additional costs to take into account.


Q: I am concerned about the mental health of my son/daughter during this time in isolation. How are you supporting?

A: Our Counselling and Mental Health Team provide free confidential support to students in a safe space who need help in managing their emotional and mental wellbeing. Support and counselling services will be provided via telephone but initial contact can be made by emailing;  counsellors@northampton.ac.uk or mha@northampton.ac.uk.


Q:  My son/daughter is thinking of studying in Northampton. Are there any online events or seminars hosted by UNIC?

A: Yes, please follow us on Facebook and we will keep you updated on upcoming online events and seminars.