Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

University of Northampton International College

 Academic Intake: January 2021


Information updated  11th January 2021


As you may be aware, on Monday 4th January, further COVID-19 restrictions were announced by the UK Government across England, Wales, and Scotland. These restrictions include the move to online teaching for all schools, colleges, and universities.

The UK Government is expected to announce more detailed guidance on international travel to the UK very soon and once we have this information it will be made available here website.


The UK Government has also provided a helpful document to provide information for New International Students (see page 16 onwards) and we recommend you read this.


UNIC will begin its teaching for our new semester on the 25th January 2021 but in the interests of keeping all of its staff and students safe, and following government and local advice, this will be delivered online until such time as it is deemed safe to revert to face-to-face teaching. When able to do so we will invite students who started the intake online to join us in Northampton to continue their studies.


In the meantime,  our advice to you is NOT TO attempt travel to the UK, regardless of whether you:

  1. have been issued a UNIC January 2021 Conditional offer
  2. have been issued a UNIC January 2021 Unconditional Offer
  3. have Accepted an Offer, paid January 2021 tuition fees and are awaiting a CAS (in which case there is less urgency to acquire a CAS given teaching has moved online till February 22nd at the earliest)
  4. have been sent a CAS and are seeking to now acquire a VISA to travel (Student Route Visa vignettes can now be used up to 90 days after the issue of a VISA)
  5. have already obtained a VISA and are determining when to travel (in which case, please aim to do so after February 22nd,  2021, and if still within 90 days of the VISA issuance date).


If you have not already booked your flight, then we strongly advise that you do not make travel arrangements. We recommend starting your studies virtually and traveling to the UK when the restrictions have eased.

If you have booked your flight and it cannot be changed we will still fully support you. Please make sure you have completed our arrivals form in order for us to do this.


Any new UNIC students already in the UK are strongly encouraged to contact the college as soon as possible by emailing UNIC.StudentServices@unic.northampton.ac.uk for further support and guidance.


Lecturers and support staff are already putting in place plans to move teaching fully online with as little disruption to study as possible. Student courses and assessments have already been adapted for the online environment and we welcome the opportunity to showcase these in our future learning experiences with new students


The UoN’s FAQs page remains the place to find all the very latest information regarding enrolment, teaching, travel and accommodation. You may also find it helpful to refer to the UK government’s summary of the new restrictions in England.


Please continue to liaise with any Educational Advisors supporting you and we hope that as many of you as possible will be able to start the intake with us online and commence your life changing learning experience with us. 




Q: Will there still be a January 2021 intake running?

A: Absolutely! Students will need to start the intake by studying online and only fly to the UK to attend face to face classes when travel restrictions ease. 



Q: Do I need a visa to start my course online?

A: You will NOT require a visa if your first semester is going to start online. Once travel restrictions ease and you are able to join for face to face, then you will need to apply for a visa.


Q: Will I be able to start online and then travel to the UoN later to continue my course?

A: Yes, although you must still have fully enrolled by the end of January.  Then, you can start your lessons online and once able to get a flight, join us when able to do so.


Q: Will it be safe to study face-to-face?

A: The UK Government requires teaching to be delivered online until Feb 2021 at the earliest. Once face to face teaching resumes UNIC and the UoN have in place a wide range of social distancing and hygience measures across the campus, to create a campus that is as safe and secure as possible for all new and  returning students.  We will bring you the very best learning and teaching regardless of what is going on around. We will adapt. We will deliver. We will transform lives and inspire change, together. The University have released a video detailing the new safety measures in place. Click here to watch.


Q: What will be the deadline for payment to secure my place? Can I accept the offer now and pay later?

A: Yes, if you would like to accept your offer you can return the signed acceptance form now and pay the deposit at a later date. The deadline for receiving signed acceptance forms and payment is 8th January for those wishing to join for face to face study, or 25th January if starting the semester online and then travelling to switch to face to face lessons when travel restrictions ease.


Q: What if I make payment but then get a visa refusal ?

A: On your application form, if you select the addition of a Navinsure policy, you can make a claim should you get a visa refusal. You must however have submitted your application via an agency or through our website and reviewed all the guidance and ensured you met the relevant criteria in which to obtain a visa. Details of the insurance policy will be sent with your Provisional CAS for you to consider purchasing the policy then.


Q: What is the latest information about the UK quarantine procedures ?

A: For the latest Government issued news, please visit  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/higher-education-reopening-buildings-and-campuses/students-returning-to-higher-education-from-spring-term#new-international-students-and-students-returning-from-overseas. For students who have paid to stay in the University's own accommodation, students will be required to quarantine for the necessary time (currently 10 days). 


Q: Can I self-isolate, if necessary, in University accomodation and then move into my private accommodation?

A: No. Upon arrival in the UK, only those who have pre-booked to stay in Uni Halls of Residence can self isolate in the Halls of Residence. If you have booked private accommodation you must self-isolate there.


Q: When can I get a CAS so I can apply for a VISA?

A: This will largely depend on the status of your local UKVI Visa Application Centre. If open (and you have accepted and paid your course fee deposit), then we will progress your CAS and get you reasy for the visa application process. You can find the latest status on Visa Application Centres by visiting both www.tlscontact.com/covid-19-updates and www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/covid-19-customer-advisories.html. In light of the recent Uk Government announcement regarding inbound travel, there is no rush to obtain a VISA prior to the course start. Instead, you'll need to start the course online, from your home country and only seek a visa and fly to join us for face to face study when advised to do so.


Q: My school/university is closed and I am worried that I will not be able to meet the academic conditions on my offer. What should I do?

A: If you have yet to take your exams or receive your results we would recommend that you instesd consider the next available intake. We have three intakes a year, January, May and September. Please check our Programmes menu to see which intakes programmes run for. 




Q: How will enrolment and induction happen?

A:  Enrolment will take place online - please be sure to complete the pre-enrolment details that you will receive from us. Induction into your course will be by a combination of socially distanced face-to-face meetings and online meetings.


Q: My local IELTS testing centre is closed and I am worried I will not be able to meet the English conditions on my offer. Do I have any other options?

A: If English is not your first language you are still required to demonstrate that you meet the minimum entry criteria.

The IELTS partners are also looking into various solutions to support test takers including:

  • Increased test session availability in regions impacted by suspensions as soon as they can start restart testing.
  • Supporting test takers with free preparation materials in readiness for their test.
  • Computer-delivered IELTS test sessions increased in frequency in affected areas, up to three times per day, seven days per week.
  • Larger test venues to accommodate increased volumes of paper-based test-takers.
  • More flexible use of Speaking examiners to ensure test takers can complete their Speaking tests as quickly as possible.

If you cannot book an IELTS test, you might be able to use an older IELTS result to support your application to academic study at the University. IELTS remains valid for 2 years from the test date. Further advice can be found on the IELTS website.

We do accept other English Language qualifications from applicants to Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Please view our English Language requirements page for further information. On there you will see that an online IELTS Indicator is accepted by us, should you be able to make us of that.


Q: Are scholarships available?

A: We are delighted to announce that UNIC and the University of Northampton are now able to extend the International Scholarship Scheme to students who progress from UNIC onto the UoN. To be eligible for the scholarship students must have started a programme of study with UNIC between May 2020 and May 2021 and achieve the pass rates shown in the table below. Upon progression to UoN they will be awarded the corresponding percentage fee reduction against the subsequent year of UoN fees:

Overall pass grade achieved in UNIC Programme % reduction in following year UoN fees
75% or higher 30%
70% - 74% 20%
65% - 69% 10%

To qualify for the discount progressing students must also meet the requirements of the UoN's student debt management policy and meet their tuition fee payment criteria.

Scholarships are currently not available for the UNIC pathways, however our fees are some of the most competitive around and represent excellent value for money.