Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

University of Northampton International College

Current Student FAQs

Q: Is the college still teaching?

A: From 5 pm on Friday 20th March the college moved all of its teaching and support services online, our current students have been accessing their lectures through Zoom links housed on their module pages on Moodle delivered at the same time as timetabled with recordings of each lecture available after the lecture has been delivered.


Q: Is the library open on campus?

A: Due to the government social distancing guidance the Learning Hub will be closed from 9 pm on Monday 23rd March, all students will still be able to access the full range of University materials through its online platforms e.g. Nelson in the usual way.


Q: How is UNIC supporting current international students who are now studying online?

A: All teaching is now online available through Moodle with each session recorded for those students unable to attend the live lecture due to being in different time zones, in addition, students are able to access both the academic teaching staff and college support staff in the usual way to access any support they may require. We have shared a list of key college contacts with all our current students a number of times and this includes key college contacts alongside useful contacts for support for students with their studies, mental and physical health and social interaction outside of the college environment. In addition, current information for academic support including tutorials available from the University of Northampton during this time has also been shared with the students. In addition to changes in assessment to accommodate online teaching, the college is also currently creating opportunities to meet with the student reps to gather student feedback and make improvements and set up some social online activities to encourage students to have some fun and meet with their peers.


Q: Will online attendance be monitored?

A: Yes. Students are encouraged to continue to attend all of their timetabled lectures online and continue to submit all of their assessments in accordance with the deadlines set.


Q: Will there still be exams this semester?

A: Teaching staff continue to develop alternative assessments to support online delivery and these will be issued to students once they have been created and approved.


Q: How is the college supporting students who suspect they have COVID-19?

A: If you are unwell/ have tested positive to COVID-19 please ensure you follow the advice of Public Health England and inform the college at UNIC.StudentServices@unic.northampton.ac.uk.


Q: As a current student in the UK, are Covid-19 diagnoses and treatments covered by the NHS Health Surcharge?

A: All lawful, non-visitor migrants to the UK gain access to the National Health Service and medical treatment free at the point of use. This includes treatment that is medically required in relation to Covid-19.


Q: How will the college/university support students who stay on-campus during the closure of campus?

A: Students in halls of residence who are not able to return home can stay in their accommodation and the following services will remain available for use:

  • Onsite security and Campus Police support;
  • Housekeeping and waste removal facilities;
  • Residential Life;
  • GP Surgery at Waterside; (This has now been closed. Please call 01604 644126 to make an essential telephone appointment booking.
  • Limited catering provisions in the Market restaurant at Waterside.


Q: How will UNIC support students who stay off-campus during the closure of campus?

A: Student Support teams are in touch with students regularly. If you are worried about your accommodation, please contact us and we can provide advice.


Q: I want to return home during the closure, what is the process for deferral of study?

A: If you are planning to travel, please consider carefully the potential impact on your studies. You will recognize that it may impact your ability to complete your studies successfully if you need to self-isolate when you return to the UK. We will do what we can to mitigate the impact on your studies on your return.

Some students may wish to leave regardless of official advice. We ask that all students exercise sensible precautions including not travelling to an area where there is a travel warning in place. For students deciding to return home you will need to inform UNIC.StudentServices@unic.northampton.ac.uk of:

  • Flight details
  • Evidence of Returning Home (e.g. passport stamps, boarding passes)


Q: What impact will this have on my Student Route visa?

A: If you decide to travel back to your home country before the end of term and are on a student route visa, please be aware that there may be an impact on your sponsorship if you are outside of the UK for an extended period. UKVI has indicated new interim regulations may be introduced which you are advised to follow and will be communicated if and when it is published. If you would like further immigration advice please visit the UK Visa & Immigration web pages or those of UKCISA .


Q: I am having issues paying for next semester fees, can you help?

A: If you are worried about paying rent or fees, please contact us and we can provide advice and support tailored to your situation.